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It Was You by Underpable

First off what I see is Luna that strikes fear in the ponies who gaze into her eyes. The reaction is really amazing in this one, for if...

A Cup of Hot Cocoa by MaeraFey

Through the background and the art style, the artist has done an amazing job making this pic festive just in time for the holidays. The...

Love: Digital Re-Do by pixelplatypus413

For a first try with PaintTool, I believe this artist did an excellent job with this pic. I understand why there wasn't a background, f...

Pearl - Steven Universe by kgbm
by kgbm

For a first time drawing Pearl, this artist did an impressive job. This artist made Pearl very elegant like she's actually dancing on a...



Beach Time 2016 by Keyhero18
Beach Time 2016
Hello everybody. Coming at you live from Ocean City Md. Really long break, and had this pic made. Beach day and the gang was heading own to beach city. Princess bubblegum wanted Finn to drive the car. Finn was too excited to drive a car for the first time even though he rode Jake and a motorcycle. They get to Beach city and a lot of people were having a good time. Steven was at the lifeguard post throwing water balloons at anyone who's picking fights, but Dipper was all like "will you get in trouble doing that?" Steven was all like its ok I'm just having a little fun. Also Peedee drops a fry delivery and Mabel saves it. Next pic may take awhile, and the Summer of Steven blew me away with happiness.

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